Dangerous Vegetables-fiction 2nd install.

Chuckling, “No, I’m not.” Sebastian said. “I know.” Donna said with a wink, throwing her hair over her shoulder “You know?” Sebastian said then moved forward in line. “Well, not in the traditional sense,” she said, “it’s woman’s intuition.” “OK, well that’s better.” He laughs and she chuckles, “No, that’s not better!” Her countenance changed. […]

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What is reality? How do you know it’s real? Just what is real and how do we qualify it? Is reality, simply what you see before you? I’ve asked myself these questions quite often. I always was curious, as a child, just how others perceived the world, what it was like to see through their […]

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Proposal for Millennials

With the electing of, arguably the most unconventional president in American history, our country is presented with a unique set of challenges. Dissent is widespread crossing all social boundaries, discrimination is at an all time high, our economy is on the edge of collapse and we have a president who speaks of the cuff and […]

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To the nth Degree

  Death and taxes are the only things we can be sure of in life, we’ve been told. But, change must be another. And, there has been plenty of that, as of late. We’ve seen a new president, in America, a different attitude among the youth, a changed music seen, new ways to view gender, […]

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